About Us

Welcome to Cuddle Care

We started Cuddle Care to offer an eco-friendly option to disposable diapers. We realized that as parents, you care deeply about the state of the planet you are leaving behind for your kids and strive to reduce harmful waste wherever you can. Disposable diapers take up to 500 years to decompose (and some diaper parts live on in our landfills forever). Switch to cloth diapers for an earth-friendly, budget-friendly alternative.

We also offer other eco-friendly personal care products for kids and are diversifying our offerings rapidly to provide you with more options for sustainable products at affordable prices. We believe starting our kids off at such an early age will make them more aware of the impact of their choices, and more likely to adopt sustainable products in their lives.


The new normal is here to stay and so are we!
Each of our products has been designed to help build a better and sustainable future for the next gen.
So let’s choose earth-friendly, let’s choose Cuddle Care!

Innovative Products
Innovative Products

Who said sustainable can’t be fun?

All our products are designed to put the ‘fun’ in functional. Cute and trendy designs that you cannot go wrong with while making sure that they are long lasting and environment friendly.

Made In India
Made In India

We at Cuddle Care are firm believers of this cause!

All our products are made from scratch in India with great precision and rigorous quality checks that make sure to provide comfort and love to your little bundle of joy!

About us

Cuddle Care was founded by Shruti Uday Bajoria and Gunjan Bagaria.

Shruti studied Economics (Hons) and Fashion Marketing and worked in fashion for many years. She heads Product and Marketing at Cuddle Care.

Gunjan studied BCom (Hons) and Fashion Marketing and worked with a national clothing brand as Category Manager for the past 10 years. She worked at nights for Cuddle Care for many months before transitioning full time to head Operations for Cuddle Care.

Our Story

As she was expecting her first child, Shruti found herself increasingly uncomfortable with the waste generated by fast fashion and our use and throw consumption culture. She decided she wanted to do something more meaningful, more sustainable with her work. She felt that she didn’t just want to leave a better planet for her child but also a better child for the planet.

She started off with small changes in her own life – soap and shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bottles and diapers. She also created a small but thriving facebook group for parents to buy and sell pre-loved items for babies and toddlers. Eventually, while brainstorming ideas for sustainable options for parents, she and her best friend Gunjan decided they wanted to create an eco-friendly brand for kids’ products. Things fell into place and Cuddle Care was born.