If you are anything like us, you love using soap but don’t know what to do with the left over soap chips that are tough to hold on to and do not create lather. We have just the thing you are looking for! Cuddlecare’s Organic Cotton Save Saver Bag. The three super powers of this bag are:

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  1. It doubles up as a body scrubber: No need to buy plastic loofahs any more. You can just pop your soap into this organic cotton bag, quickly dunk the bag in some water and you are good to go. Just use it directly on your body and enjoy fresh looking skin as the soap saver bag, gently exfoliates your skin. Once you are done, give the bag a quick wash and hang it up.
  2. No more wasting of small bits of soap: One of the best things of this bag is that you can add all your left over bits of soap chips and they will still give you suds till they get completely used up and disappear. Research has shown that even soaps that are difficult to lather directly on skin give better lather when used with a soap saver bag.
  3. Extends life of your soap: You can enjoy extended use of your favourite soaps by using this soap saver bag. Just hang the bag after use and let it air dry. No more soap dish goop and no more gooey soap bottoms to deal with.

You can now well be on your way to a no-plastic, no-guilt shower time. Grab these Super heroes for yourself and for your earth enthusiast friends! Shop here:

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