• Hemp Inserts are super absorbers and can hold about 2.5X the amount of a microfiber insert.
  • They are made of natural fibres and are very trim.
  • Since these inserts are slow absorbers, they make a good night time solution when paired with wicks absorbing inserts like Microfiber or Charcoal Bamboo.
  • These Inserts are customized to fit into most Cloth Diapers with ease.


  • Fabric: Blended Hemp Cotton Fabric (55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton)
  • Dimension of Insert: 34cm*14cm
  • Layers: 3 Layers (All 3 Layers of Hemp Cotton)
  • Care Instructions: Absorbency of Hemp inserts increases with subsequent washes but one can start using it even after one wash.


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